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Sight “Turquoise-1” for the World of Tanks [0.9.0] # 042



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A minimalistic – arcade, sniper and art

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sight. Made in the same style and color scheme.

* Drum.
* Reduction.
* EDM.
* Art reduction.
* Timer recharge.



Поместить папку gui по этому пути: World_of_Tanks\res_mods.9.0\


Green Melty Map’s Math Mod



This is the MeltyMap’sMathMod, but with GREEN CROSSHAIRS (arcade, sniper, strategic and server cross).

Differences from the original MeltyMap’sMathMod:

Arcade, Sniper and Strategic Modes changed to Green theme (reticles, crosshairs, texts and color codes).
Postmortem Mode added.
Server Cross changed to Green.
Damage Panel replaced.
Damage Log added.
X-Zoom configuration changes and corrections.
Gun Ruler configuration corrections.


Download: ShareMods

Dar Artillery Sight 8.11



MeltyMap’sDAR features:
– auto-configurable DAR system for Strategic mode
– dynamic speed threshold circles for strategic mode, with size dependable of map scale and current zoom

MeltyMap’s Protractor Mod features:
– Minimap enhancement
– Minimap zoom
– 445m spotting circle on MiniMap, with configurable size
– Maximum distance of drawing view box
– Gun Arc Critical Angle rulers
– Gun Constrains lines for MiniMap
– Precise vector strategic cursor for MiniMap
– Gun Direction lines for MiniMap
– Orange alert when battle timer reaches given time amount
– Effective armor calculation for all vehicles
– In-Game real-time clock
– Battle Timer position configurable


garnet_auxo, RazNaRok, Koshnaranek, _Kriegstreiber_

Copy folder from archive, paste it to Ur’s folder.
Overwrite existing files.

To configure, Use text editor with UTF8 coding eg. Notepad, Notepad++, AkelPad
Edit folowing files:
– DAR:
file in Ur’s folder

– ProtractorMod:
file in Ur’s folder

Download: ShareMods

Historic sights v.11 for World of Tanks [0.8.11]


HARDscope – this 19 historical (sniper and arcade) sights with timer reloading and information about the target. This product has the ability to select the historical grid directly in the game. Changing the type and sight reticle is happening in the game settings.

Innovations in HARDscope v.11:
* Sight now contains 19 historical grids.
* Includes the grid: the USSR, Germany, USA, France.
* Set nets are menu in 2 stages.
* Blackout introduced in sniper scope.
* Adjust the transparency blackout regulated via the game menu.
* Sight contains display: d istantsii type tank, the player’s nickname, cooldown timer recharge XP ammunition.
* Added config settings for text fields.
* Type of tank and Nick default player in the sniper crosshairs disabled.
* Type of tank and Nick player arcade sight is regulated via the game menu.

19 historical sighting grids:

Sights for light tanks:
PT-1 – T-26, BT-5, BT-7, BT-7M, T-28, T-35, A-20, T-46.
Sights for medium tanks:
TS-15 – T-34-85, SU-85.
TS-2B-32P – T-54, T-55.
Sights for heavy tanks:
TMPD-7 – HF gun ZIS-5 (as well as for T-34 gun F-34), HF-1, HF-85, T34/76.
TS-17 – IS-2, IS-122, IS-3.
TS-45 – IS-4, IS-7.
Sights for PT ACS:
TS-19 – SU-100.
CT-10 – SU-152, ISU-152.

Sights for light tanks:
TZF4 – PzKpfw.II, PzKpfw.II Luchs, VK 1602 Leopard.
TZF43 (t) – Pz.35 (t), Pz.38 (t).
Sights for medium tanks:
TZF5b – PzKpfw.IV Ausf A-F1.
TZF12a – PzKpfw.V Panther.
Sights for heavy tanks:
TZF9b – PzKpfw.VI Tiger Ausf.E.
TZF9d – PzKpfw.VI Tiger II Ausf.B with Porsche turret.
Sights for PT ACS:
Sfl.ZF1a – Late StuG III, StuG IV, Hetzer, Panzerjager IV, Jagdpanther, Ferdinand.
PaK.ZF3x8 – Marder II, Marder III.

Sights for medium tanks:
M38 – M4 Sherman, M7.
M10 – M4A3E8 Sherman, M46 Patton.

APX L 671 – D2, B1, D1, AMX 38, AMX 40.


Andrey_Hard, KobkaG

1. Copy the folder text of World_of_Tanks \ res \ in World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.8.11 \
2. Folder gui and text from the archive put into World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.8.11 \ , confirming the replacement.

Download: ShareMods



We want you to imagine that modification, which can be used to change the default scope, and it is called sight Minimalistic Sights, from Shtys. MOST ADJUSTABLE SIGHT In WORLD OF TANKS. The sight made very minimalistic. Everyone will be able to customize the sight for themselves (but not everyone understands editing the configuration file).

Reload timer and cooldown guns in all modes
Time of flight of the projectile with automatic settings for Art Destroyers
Circle with a radius of pre-emption when moving back and forth goals at maximum speed, with automatic scaling depending on the height of the sight for Art Destroyers
Circle with a radius of fragments of the projectile with automatic scaling depending on the height of the sight for Art Destroyers
The maximum shooting distance for Art Destroyers
Tilt angle guns Art Destroyers
Showing their health as a percentage and in terms of
Six markers for arcade and sniper scopes with a choice of menu options in the game
Indicator complete information in his sights
The ability to use your marker and sight reticle of an external image
Distance to the marker gun arcade and sniper scope



Unzip into WORLD_OF_TANKS \ res_mods \ 8.11 \.

Download: ShareMods



We want you to imagine that modification, which can be used to change the default scope, and it is called Modified sight of kellerman3746, xiaosheng. Modification will change the standard sight. Not much different from the standard scope. But when installing the sight will be many buns.


kellerman3746, xiaosheng

Unzip into WORLD_OF_TANKS \ res_mods \ 8.11 \.

Download: ShareMods

Sight “Predator” for World of Tanks [0.8.11]


Animated arcade and sniper scope made ​​based on movies and games about “Predator.” Which is not to impress people who liked these movies and games later.

Version 1.3:
* Changed the look of the 1st and 3rd nets.
* Added animation for the first (top) marker.

Version 1.2:
* Added a graphical drum.
* Fixed a bug in the final completion window battlefield.

Version 1.1:
* Added artillery sight rangefinder and speed of the projectile.
* Added a bright reduction in artillery target.
* Fixed bug in which information otobrozhaetsya recharging process.
* Removed the inscription “s” at the request of the players.
* Small changes appearance.

Version 1.0:
* Improved line of sight.
* Changed the color of the bottom line recharge.
* Added animation readiness shot.
* Added animation complete information.
* Added additional central markers.
* EDM offset to the left, so as not to overlap with the lamp of the 6th sense.

* Reduction.
* EDM.
* Timer recharge.
* Animated overcharging.
* Ready light shot.
* Digital and graphic drum.



Put the folder gui from the archive along this path: World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.8.11 \

Download: ShareMods